Our Sites

Club MemSite offers clubs an opportunity to get their own hosted membership area to allow the membership officer to easily maintain the club membership information and to give the members with internet access the ability to access online copies of member only material.

JavaScript by Example introduces you to writing modern JavaScript by providing hundreds of examples of actual code – many with working versions attached so you can see for yourself how they work.

Computer Help is our original site created in 2000 that now contains literally thousands of pages covering all sorts of different computer related topics.

Our Blog let’s you know when new help pages are added as well as demonstrating some of the range of topics added in prior years.

Sites We Host

  • Australian Model Railway Association Inc – Recently rebuilt on WordPress, this was the very first site we created back in 2000 as a static HTML site. The Member’s Area was originally built specifically for this site before being converted to be more generic so as to be able to handle additional sites.
  • Motor Cycle Racing Club NSW Inc – The first site to be uploaded to WordPress multisite as a hosted solution for the club to be able to have a public site along with their Member’s Area that they can maintain.
  • AJS Matchless Australia – the local branch of an overseas club.